masha brzhezinskaia

Opening exhibition of Masha Brzhezinskaya paintings

September 17th at 6pm; opening exhibition of Masha Brzhezinskaya paintings, providing an image of Dutch food culture through the eyes of a Russian artist.

Location Amstelpassage 31K Central Station Amsterdam.


lizaMasha Brzhezinskaya is an experienced Russian artist and art-teacher, educated and grown-up with Russian paint tradition, After relocating to the Netherlands just a year ago, she is tried to understand Dutch reality and culture. Using her unique way of looking at common things, she used her extraordinary artskills and experience to visualize her perceptiion of typical Dutch commonalities.
‘I experienced the strong and simple Dutch cuisine and visualized them like colorful spots and geometrical shapes. Shapes that typically belong to Russian artstyles of Suprematism.
Using a drawing style from a meta-modernism position, creates an ironical attitude towards the pioneers of Russian constructivism and suprematism. I placed odd and typical Dutch food in a new and fresh colourful work of art.’