masha brzhezinskaia


I experienced the strong and simple Dutch cuisine and visualized them like colorful spots and geometrical shapes. Shapes that typically belong to Russian artstyles of Suprematism.
Using a drawing style from a meta-modernism position, creates an ironical attitude towards the pioneers of Russian constructivism and suprematism. I placed odd and typical Dutch food in a new and fresh colourful work of art.

This past century, with new technologies and fast steps into the unknown – independent of human intellect – provided us with vast opportunities. Opportunities that we have never experienced before. We can now create designs and huge paintings within a second. Human skills are not needed anymore to create lines and shapes. And you can share your ideas with the world with the click of just one button. 

The problem is that the world is getting full – cluttered – with all these ideas and technologies. That is why we now focus more on humans having mechanical skills to work like a printer 😉 

I believe that we – in this state of confusion and being lost in new old ideas and new old skills – completely forgot about our on feelings and understanding. 

We are all part of a more and more common cultural background. The difference between people are getting smaller and smaller. Is that good? Is that bad? Nobodug knows. 

And maybe – in future – people will have the same feelings. People will do the same things. Will they be happier than? Or not? 

But for now…. 

I realised that we use abstracts and formal things, being invented already bij arttists at the start of the 20-est century. We use them for graphical design. For architecture. For other forms of design. 

Formal composition. Forms and shapes. 

It is easy to create such designs and to show such designs using a computer. We don’t think anything behind it. We don’t look for anything behind it. But when you try to look deeper at the design of the pioneers of Suprematism en Kubism, you will see feelings. You will see doubts. You will see searching. 

In my vision, it is exactly that, that createst the difference between the work of all students and designers when learning about composition. About the pictures in our minds. 

Ik believe that it is that honest thinking – that honest looking – that makes it deeper than merely a declaration of art. 

I don’t want to put myself between those pioneers of Suprematisme and Kubisme. But I thought of looking at their work from a new perspective myself. And because I am in a new cultural situation myself – and still have a fresh and new eye for cultural differences – I decided to incorporate my experience and my vision in these compositions. 

Of course it is ironic. How could it be serious when all is already existing. How could it be serious when all is already invented. There is nothing new under the sun. 


It is my feeling. My attitude. My background. My searching. 

I hope you look at my compositions with interest, Maybe than we can find differences and commonalities.